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No hope for us

The stars all burnin' out

what's one life worth

in a dying universe?


Liars laughing on their thrones,

o'er endless worlds of ash and bone.

War beyond mercy,

War without end,

Maniac kingdoms with legions of dead.


Spent his whole life in chains

kept on dreaming through the pain

of a -

Miracle Nightmare

all glitter and flash,

and they'd take him along for the



come with us,

into the maelstrom,

a mad fantasy

we're the anarchy all stars,

n' you set us free!

Now the mantle is passed,

so go forth and

kick ass!

Trapped between heaven

and hell -

outside of time

the Stryders


No kings above them

peerless in might,

some fight with honor,

some out of spite.

there are those who ride tigers with

em-er-ald wings,

and those wearin' crowns of the


And the dreamer looked around

as the walls were burnin' down

not quite sure if he was

really awake;

But as his jailer flew back

from a Magical Attack

he knew his dark dreams

were now real




So On and On

On and on, we go!

through the columns of fire,

smashin' engines of war...

On and on, no matter

what the price,

Breach the gates

of vaul, storm the

Last City's


On and on, forever you

must go!

Til the end of time,

the stryders must fight




An early idea of Simon. His false form was decided to be a much more subdued design... not a good idea to sneak around the real world dressed like a lunatic.